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Great Satan America deploys 50 troops in Yemeni capital, Puppet Yemeni gov. says

Puppet Yemeni government said “We would not accept any foreign forces, but the unit in the US Embassy is an exceptional case.”

On Friday, Great Satan America announced that it had sent Marines to Yemen after demonstrators stormed the US Embassy in Sana’a in protest over an anti-Islam film made in the US.

The Yemeni parliament condemned the deployment, and MPs expressed strong opposition to the presence of US troops in their country.

Earlier, some media outlets reported that 250 US soldiers had arrived in Sana’a on Friday and Saturday.

The Muslim world is outraged at the US over the production of the blasphemous film, which insults the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and depicts Islam as an oppressive religion.

Over the past week, many demonstrations have been held over the anti-Islam film, with protesters marching on US embassies and torching US flags.

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