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Great Satan US Sends Military Aid to Terrorists in Al-Tanf

The US has dispatched military aid to the terrorists supported by Washington in al-Tanf region in Eastern Syria despite its claims of withdrawing troops from the Arab country.

The Arabic-language Baladi news website affiliated to the terrorist groups reported on Wednesday that the US-led coalition planes have transferred several cargos of military and logistic aid to Maqawir al-Thawra militants near the occupied al-Tanf base at the borders with Iraq.

The US forces had also earlier staged military exercises with Maqawir al-Thawra terrorists.

US President Donald Trump had late last year announced a decision to withdraw military forces from Syria.

In relevant remarks earlier this month, a Lebanese military expert played down Trump’s statements about a pullout from Syria, saying that the US Army will keep some of its troops in its al-Tanf base along Syria’s Eastern borders in a bid to protect the terrorists in that region.

Brigadier-General Amin Hatit told the Arabic-language service of Russian Sputnik news agency that one of the main reasons for reinstating some of the US troops in al-Tanf military base is to help the US-backed militants in the region.

He noted that the US has realized that in case of retreating from al-Tan region, the terrorists stationed in the region will face the Syrian Army’s military operations, and said that the US is planning long-term presence in al-Tanf region to maintain security of terrorists.

Brigadier-General Hatit, meantime, pointed to the location of al-Tanf region in a triangle of Syria, Jordan and Iraq and deployment of the terrorists by the US in the region, and said Washington should account for helping the Syrian terrorists in the vicinity of Iraq and Jordan.

The Lebanese military expert, meantime, pointed to the doubts pertaining to the exit of US troops from Syria, and said that the US troops stationed in al-Sedqeh garrison in the Euphrates will probably remain there for good and other forces of the airbase near Hasaka will also remain for long-term in that region.

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