Hajizadeh: Hizbullah’s Capabilities Make Iran’s Revolutionary Guards Ask for Their Assistance


The Iranian commander of the army’s aerospace force Brigadier General Amir Ali Hajizadeh confirmed that Hizbullah owns the abilities and techniques that drive the Iranian Revolutionary Guard to seek assistance from it.

Iranian Aerospace commande Amir Ali HajizadehAccording to several agencies, Hajizadeh revealed that “Hizbullah’s rocket abilities evolved so that it can no longer be compared to that in 2006.”

In parallel, the top Iranian military official stated that one can describe his country’s Revolutionary Guard and Hizbullah as one pot from which both sides can benefit.
“What we own from information and technologies regarding missiles and spy drones are the same with Hizbullah, “he said, asserting that, “They [Hizbullah] do not lack anything of what we have.”

Moreover, Hajizadeh mentioned that, “In the past, Hizbullah used to depend on the Iranian Revolutionary Guard in some things, but today they gained experiences and techniques that drive us in the Revolutionary Guard to ask for their assistance.”

Regarding the negotiations with the World powers over Iran’s nuclear program, he reiterated that, “Negotiating the Iranian defensive capabilities is unacceptable.”
“America is working to spy inside Iran via aircraft and satellites all around the clock.”

Commenting on the US-led coalition to strike the ISIL, Hajizadeh said: “The alliance to strike the ISIL is just a parade.”
“The ISIL was made by the US and “Israel” and some Arab countries.. the world does not forget when they used to meet in Turkey and study how to provide support to the ISIL.”

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