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Hajj is symbol of Muslim vigilance

Hajj-At-The-Grand-Mosque10“Hajj is the symbol of Muslims’ vigilance against their enemies,” said one of the Friday Prayer Leaders of Ivan Dareh, Mamousta Abdol Hamid Hasani.
Friday Prayer Leaders of Ivan Dareh, Mamousta Abdol Hamid Hasani in an exclusive interview with Taqrib News Agnecy (TNA), underscored “the congregation of hajj not only depicts Muslim unity and rapprochement lie among Islamic denominations and sects, but also shows Muslims’ vigilance and knowledge of their enemies to people worldwide.

“In this glorious event, Muslims from different Islamic schools of thought and sects gather together and slam the willful measures perpetrated by the enemies,” said the Sunni cleric stating that and in the long run foil the plots hatched by enemies for blocking Muslims in their moving forward.

“In Hajj ceremony, no such separation of Shia and Sunni, black and white stand among Muslims. Such milieu provides solidarity and dash enemies hope in setting Islamic world apart,” said Mamousta Abdol Hamid Hasani

He went on to say that Unity and rapprochement are of goals set in the Islamic republic of Iran and voiced hope that in this ceremony Iranian pilgrims including Shia and Sunnis be the messenger of unity for other Muslims.

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