Hamas Gov’t renews appeal to world’s free men and women to save Gaza

images_News_2013_10_02_cabinet-0_300_0The Palestinian government in Gaza renewed its appeal to the world’s free people to organize aid convoys to break the blockade imposed on Gaza and protect the human rights of its people.

In a press release issued following its weekly meeting on Tuesday, the government expressed its grave concern over the disastrous situation at the Rafah border crossing and the growing suffering of citizens because of its closure, appealing to the Egyptian authorities to open the crossing naturally before the movement of passengers and goods.

As for the peace talks, the government strongly denounced the Palestinian authority for its intransigent insistence on swimming against the current and defying the vast majority of its people who reject its frivolous negotiations with the Israeli occupation and its persistence in raping the representation of the Palestinian people and controlling their destiny.

The government emphasized that the Palestinian people reject any concessions being made by the PA and Fatah on their national constants and rights.

The government also called on the Palestinian people inside and outside occupied Palestine to continue organizing activities and protests in support of the Aqsa Mosque, exposing Israel’s violations in Jerusalem and backing the steadfastness of its natives.

It urged the Arab League and the organization of Islamic cooperation to make further efforts to support the Palestinians in Jerusalem and help them stand in the face of the Israeli occupation and its plots.

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