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Hamas leader says ‘Lebanon broke the enemy’s nose’

The head of the political bureau of Hamas, Ismail Haniyeh, declared that the meeting of the trustees of the Palestinian factions in Lebanon is a “historic national meeting.”

During the meeting, Haniyeh said, “The martyr Daoud Al-Khatib leaves on our necks a responsibility towards our heroic prisoners, and that our people and our resistance renew to our prisoners the covenant to liberate them from their chains.”

He stressed that the Palestinian people will remain united, whether inside or outside Palestine, explaining that this meeting in this way carries several symbols.

Haniyeh touched on the Lebanese position, explaining that “Lebanon has broken the enemy’s nose, and the resistance is still an extension of our people’s resistance inside occupied Palestine,” saying: “We restore fraternal and human solidarity with the Lebanese people, especially after the explosion of the Beirut port.”

He stressed “the confidence in Lebanon’s ability to overcome this stage, and the high confidence in the brothers in Lebanon to work to improve the living and economic conditions of the Palestinian refugees in Lebanon.”

He stated, “We are passing through a stage that bears unprecedented risks and is characterized by the concept of a strategic threat to our cause and the region … that the American project from the deal of the century to annexation and normalization is to descend behind the lines of history and geography.”

He pointed out that there is a triple threat that is trying to strike history and change the geography, which is the “deal of the century” and the plan of annexation and normalization with some Arab countries.

He explained that “they entered a stage of serious dialogue and moved the Palestinian situation from stalemate to anticipating the nature of the strategic threat, to talk to each other with an open mind and an open chest without backgrounds to record backgrounds or load historical or political responsibilities to put the issue on the table to live a common destiny.”

Haniyeh continued, “No one can transgress our historical rights, and the one who builds equations is our Palestinian people and the countries of resistance and opposition that constitute the true support of our people.”

He added “the importance of success at this stage to end the division and build a unified Palestinian position because it is the cornerstone in facing all projects.”

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