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Hamas leader sends message to Hezbollah’s Nasrallah

The head of the political bureau of the Islamic Resistance Movement “Hamas”, Ismail Haniyeh, sent a message to Hezbollah’ Secretary-General Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah on Monday about the decision to annex the West Bank and the “deal of the century”.

In his message , Haniyeh warned of “the dangers facing the Palestinian cause and the region as a result of these plans,” and called for uniting the ranks and efforts to address these risks, the Iran-based Tasnim Agency reported.

This came during a visit by a Hamas delegation headed by the movement’s representative in Lebanon, Ahmed Abdel-Hadi, who met with the official of the Palestinian file in Hezbollah, Hassan Hoballah.

The two sides discussed the latest situation in Palestine and the region, and the Palestinian situation in Lebanon.

The meeting stressed their rejection of Israel’s decision to annex the West Bank, considering that this decision is an aggression against the Palestinian people, requiring everyone to stand together to confront this dangerous plan, stressing that the Palestinian people are able to confront these plans, while calling on the Arab and Islamic countries and the freedom of the world to take urgent action.

On the conditions of Palestinian refugees in Lebanon, the representative of the movement indicated that they are living in difficult economic conditions, calling for the need to establish civil and human rights for them in Lebanon, and Abdel-Hadi called on UNRWA to play its role and launch an urgent relief plan for Palestinian refugees in Lebanon.

In turn, Hoballah affirmed Hezbollah’s support for the Palestinian people and its resistance in confronting projects that detract from its rights, stressing that such projects will not be successful thanks to the resistance of the Palestinian people and its support by the Free World.

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