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Hamas official denies meeting with Israel

Former Treasury Minister in the Hamas government denied claims made by Israeli occupation media outlets and Al Sharq Al Awsat newspaper that he met with Israeli officials in Natanya city, 48 on Tuesday, last week.

In an exclusive interview with him, Omer Abed al-Razik, former Treasury Minister in the Hamas government denied the Israeli claims that he had met with Israeli officials in occupied territories of 48 last week, he said:”This is totally untrue, I did not meet with anybody especially Israelis, never, and even I do not know what is the source of these news, when and how”.

Abed al Razik revealed for Al Qassam website as saying:” these claims aim to confuse all support given to Hamas, especially the public support in both, inside the Palestinian territories or abroad”.

He also said that:” Israelis want to say that there are relations between Hamas and Israel, and this is not true at all”.

In a question related to captive soldier Gilad Shalit , he added:” We have been saying for the first day in the West Bank “we do not have anything to do with the talks concerning the soldier or else, we do not represent Hamas in the West Bank, Hamas has its leaders, representatives and has its references, we are not the reference of Hamas in the West Bank”.

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