Hamas protests PA forces attack father of martyr Araj


The Islamic Resistance Movement, Hamas, slammed the Palestinian Authority’s (PA) security forces on Sunday for assaulting the father of the Palestinian martyr Basel al-Araj and the protesters who went in a march condemning the PA trial held against the martyr.

In a press statement on Sunday, the Hamas spokesman Hazem Kasem attacked the practices of the PA security forces in the West Bank which target the Palestinian resistance and its symbols.

Kasem called on the Palestinian factions and forces to formulate a joint program to prevent the PA from continuing to target the resistance in the West Bank and tampering with the Palestinian cause. He also called for putting an end to the PA policies which promote the division and disrupt the national reconciliation.

Mahmoud al-Araj, father of martyr Basel al-Araj, and a number of youths were injured, journalists were assaulted and their equipment was broken, and others were arrested including Islamic Jihad leader Sheikh Khader Adnan after the PA forces quelled a demonstration in Ramallah condemning the trial held against Araj and other Palestinian youths over the charge of possessing illegal weapons.

Eyewitnesses told the PIC reporter that the father and others were taken to the hospital for treatment after they were severely beaten by the PA security forces.

Mahmoud Araj later announced that he will start an open hunger strike until all protesters who were detained during the march are released.

Dozens of marchers gathered in al-Bireh city in conjunction with a trial held in the Magistrates’ Court against Basel al-Araj, despite his martyrdom, and five other youths, who are currently detained by the Israeli occupation authorities.



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