Hamas rejects UNRWA’s decision to re-teach “Holocaust”

Hamas’s Office for Refugee Affairs denounced the decision taken by UNRWA to teach the Holocaust to refugee school children, saying it is “a crime targeting the Palestinian refugee issue and the right of return.

The Movement office for refugee affairs rejected in a statement on Wednesday UNRWA’s decision, calling on the refugee agency to retreat from its decision and to stop teaching anything about the Holocaust which brings up several questions about the role played by the Agency in Palestinian refugee camps.

UNRWA students do not need to learn about the Holocaust, as much as they need to be taught about their history and geography, the statement added, stressing on “the students’ right to know about the massacres committed by the Zionist enemy against the Palestinian people since the Nakba until now”.

The office called on all the Palestinian political and civil society organizations and popular committees and staff unions in the “UNRWA” to “confront these suspicious projects, and to press on UNRWA’s administration to re-teach the subjects of history and geography of Palestine.”

The statement added that “this serious decision led us to ask how to keep UNRWA agency as an international witness to our Nakba, and to address all projects targeting our right of return, and to fight all corrupt people in this agency in order to be a valid institution that serves the Palestinian refugees and not in a specific strata or external projects.”

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