Hamas: Resistance is the only strategic option to defeat the occupation


Hamas movement said on the thirteenth anniversary of the Aqsa Intifada that it will not accept any agreement or promises that will lead to the recognition of “Israel”, and that it will never relinquish the rights and holy sites.

The movement marked the thirteenth anniversary of the outbreak of the Al-Aqsa Intifada of 2000 that was triggered when the Israeli former Prime Minister Ariel Sharon raided and desecrated the Aqsa mosque guarded by police and soldiers.

Hamas said in a statement on Saturday morning, “We will not accept any agreement or promises that will lead to the recognition of Israel, and will not recognize any agreement concluded with the occupation at the expense of the waiver of our land, rights, constants and holy sites. All Palestine belongs to the Palestinian people.”

It pointed out that the negotiations and security coordination with the occupation constitute a cover for the occupation crimes against the Palestinian people, land and sanctities, and called on the Palestinian factions to reject the futile negotiations, which proved its failure in achieving the aspirations of the Palestinian people.

Hamas urged Fatah movement to shoulder its responsibilities, stop the negotiations and security coordination, return to the option of resistance and work on achieving the national reconciliation.

It also stressed that occupation schemes to Judaize Jerusalem, divide Al-Aqsa and build the alleged Temple will never succeed in obliterating the historical facts, noting that Jerusalem will always remain an Arab and Islamic city and the capital of the State of Palestine.

The movement reiterated that the resistance is the only strategic option to defeat the occupation, and said: “The resistance with all its forms, especially the armed resistance is the only strategic option able to defeat the occupation. It is the best response to the occupation ongoing crimes in the West Bank and Jerusalem.”

It called on the Jerusalemites and people from the 1948 territories to continue flocking towards the Aqsa to confront the Israeli crimes, and asked the Arab and Islamic nation and the Palestinian people to join the efforts and activate their actions in order to defend Jerusalem and Al-Aqsa.

Hamas also called on the Arab Republic of Egypt to lift the siege on Gaza, stressing that the unjust siege and the continued incitement against the resistance serve only the interests of the occupation.

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