Hamas says PA’s persecution of Palestinian fighters “shameful act”

images_News_2014_06_29_abu-zuhri_300_0The Hamas Movement strongly denounced the Palestinian Authority security apparatuses for declaring their intention to help the Israelis hunt for two Palestinian young men accused of being involved in the kidnapped of three Jewish settlers.

The Movement described such step by the PA as “shameful act and moral turpitude.”

Hamas’s statement came following a pledge by the PA to bring back the missing Israeli soldiers. The Israeli occupation authorities (IOA) pointed the finger at two Palestinian youths, claimed to have carried out the kidnap operation in June 12.

Its spokesman Sami Abu Zuhri said that such a pledge carries dangerous implications and reflects the level of the security coordination between the PA apparatuses and the Israeli occupation.

Abu Zuhri stressed that the PA’s role is to protect the Palestinian people from the ongoing Israeli mass killings, terror campaigns and arbitrary arrests, and not to protect Israel and its settlers.

The spokesman called on all concerned parties to step in and take serious action against the PA’s security coordination with the occupation.

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