Hamas: Unity government’s statement coup against reconciliation


Islamic Resistance Movement, Hamas, said that the press statement, which was issued by the Palestinian unity government, ran contrary to the stipulations of the Palestinian reconciliation.

The unity government published a statement on Wednesday in which it denied that the crises of the Gaza Strip will be solved within the coming four weeks.

The consensus government also said that the reconstruction of Gaza Strip will not take place unless it takes control over all the crossings with Israel and Egypt in a solo manner and the Gaza employees who were recruited after 2007 are dismissed.

Hamas spokesman Sami Abu Zuhri called on the Palestinian factions to bear their responsibilities towards that statement which he described as “rude and disappointing”.

“We have been so patient with this government”, which cared less about the miseries of the Gazans, it should not “test our patience anymore”, Abu Zuhri said.

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