Hamas warns Israel against persisting in Occupy Qods judaization schemes

images_News_2014_03_24_hamas1_300_0Hamas movement condemned the growing Israeli occupation authority’s Judaization campaign in occupied Jerusalem.

The movement said in a press release on Monday that the IOA was exploiting the negotiations with the Palestinian Authority, the American bias, and the international collusion vis-à-vis continued IOA crimes to accomplish its Judaization schemes.

Hamas warned the IOA against persisting in such schemes in a bid to impose a fait accompli, which would not be accepted by the Palestinian people.

Hamas was commenting on the new IOA plan to establish a national archaeology complex over an area of 35,000 square meters in the western area of occupied Jerusalem.

The movement urged the PA to immediately suspend the “frivolous” negotiations with the IOA, which uses the process to cover up for its crimes, and to return to national reconciliation based on a unified struggle program.

Hamas, in conclusion, affirmed that the IOA relentless attempts to seize more Palestinian land and to Judaize its holy shrines would not succeed in wiping out its historical landmarks.

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