Hamas warns of Kerry’s Framework Agreement

images_News_2014_02_27_hamas_300_0Hamas movement expressed concern about the continued negotiations conducted by the Palestinian negotiator and the Israeli occupation, under the auspices of the United States represented by its Secretary of State John Kerry.

The movement said that the negotiation process, over more than twenty years, has given nothing to the Palestinian people. It has encouraged the occupation to grab more land for settlement construction, to Judaize the holy places, and to commit more crimes against the Palestinians, Hamas added.

It also reiterated its rejection of Kerry’s Framework Agreement, which would lead to the recognition of the “Jewishness of the Israeli State”, the liquidation of the Palestinian cause and the loss of the Palestinian rights and constants, and stressed that the entire land of Palestine belongs to the Palestinian people.

Hamas emphasized that the right of return of all refugees to their homes, which have been occupied since 1948, is an inalienable right that cannot be cancelled by any agreement, and stressed its adherence to resistance, especially the armed one, as the only way to confront the occupation.

The movement said in a statement on Thursday: “The Palestinian people cannot trust the US administration which is clearly biased in favor of occupation and its plans and positions.”

Meanwhile, Hamas called on the authority of Ramallah and Fatah movement to review their choices, stop the negotiations, confront the occupation according to a unified national program, and to go to the international courts to prosecute the occupation for its ongoing crimes against the Palestinian people.

Regarding the reconciliation, the movement stressed that ending the division and developing a unified national strategy represent the only ways to defeat the occupation, liberate the land and holy places, and to achieve the right of return.

The movement’s statement called on the Palestinian people and factions, at home and abroad, to speak out their rejection of the “framework plan”, and to establish a national front that refuses the negotiations with the occupation.

The statement also urged the Arab and Islamic countries to stop their support for the futile negotiation process and to start supporting the Palestinian people’s struggle and steadfastness in confronting the Israeli occupier.

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