Hamdan: Hamas will not give up armed resistance

Osama Hamdan, a Hamas leader, said that the Israeli military escalation against the Gaza Strip was part of the Zionist Occupation Israeli aggressive nature, according to PIC.

He told Quds Press in an interview on Sunday that the aggression serves a new practical proof on failure of the “peace process”.

Hamdan opined that the aggression reflected an internal Israeli crisis and fear of the spirit of change that swept countries of the Arab Spring.

The Hamas leader said that his movement was not surprised at the aggression, adding that those who were surprised at the attacks were those who believed that Zionist Occupation Israel could resort to peace and calm.

He said that the Palestinians, Arabs and Islamists should practically display that any new Israeli war on Gaza similar to the one in 2008/2009 would carry strategic changes in the region in the long run.

He championed Arab-Islamic efforts to boost the Palestinian deterrence against any possible new war on Gaza.

Hamdan affirmed that Hamas is an Islamic resistance movement that would not give up armed resistance until final end of occupation, describing as an illusion the speculations that Islamic parties had made a deal with the USA by which they would convince Hamas to forsake armed resistance in favor of political process.

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