Haneyya: Israeli aggressions on Gaza signs of unabated terroris


The ongoing Israeli aggressions on the Gaza Strip and killing of civilians are signs of terrorism against the Palestinians, Political Bureau Chairman of Hamas, Ismail Haneyya, said during the funeral of an 18-year-old Gazan killed by the Israeli forces.

Speaking moments before the funeral procession of Gazan fisherman Ismail Abu Reyala, aged 18, Haneyya said: “The Israeli occupation has been unleashing its terrorism over and over again against the Palestinians. The Israelis have been killing our sons cold-bloodedly.”

“Someday, Israel’s terrorism shall be ousted from our land and sea. The Palestinian land is ours, just as the sea, Occupied Jerusalem, and holy sites are,” said Haneyya. “The Israeli crimes will never change facts on history’s ground.”

“They want to make the people of Gaza kneel down; they want to make our people starve,” warned Haneyya. “Never ever shall such attempts see the day. Our commitment to our homeland and holy site is just unquestionable.”

The Hamas chief said Israel’s murder of Abu Reyala is another proof of terrorism perpetrated by the Israeli occupation against the Palestinians.

“Gaza is blockaded by land and by sea. The Israeli navy has been chasing down fishermen within the authorized nautical miles”, he added. “Gazans are prevented from their sources of living. No single moment passes by without a Palestinian being buried or risking to be so.”

“The Israelis will never manage to flee prosecution nor will they succeed to cover up history,” he further stated.

Haneyya’s speech came at a time when hundreds of Palestinians from al-Shati refugee camp, west of Gaza city, marched in the funeral procession of slain fisherman Abu Reyala.

Bidding last farewell to her son, Abu Reyala’s mother, Kafa, said: “They are history’s biggest criminals. They opened fire at him as he had a lie-down on his vessel.”


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