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Haniyeh: Today’s Meeting in Beirut and Ain Al-Hilwe, Tomorrow in Al-Quds

Head of Hamas politburo Ismail Haniyeh visited Ain Al-Hilwe Palestinian refugee camp in south Lebanon on Sunday, stressing that normalization attempts by Arab regimes with Zionist entity don’t represent the real stance of Arab people.

“Today’s meeting is in Beirut and Ain Al-Hilwe, while tomorrow we will meet in Palestine and Al-Quds God willing,” Haniyeh said during a visit to the Palestinian camp, referring to his meeting with Hezbollah Secretary General Sayyed Hasan Nasrallah in Beirut earlier.

“Despite the fact that people of this nation have their own concerns, they meet and agree on Palestine,” Haniyeh said, stressing: “attempts to normalize ties with Zionist enemy don’t reflect the real stance of this nation’s people.”

The Resistance’s rockets “are the main retaliation to draw the map of Palestine on battlefield,” Hamas chief said, stressing that Palestinians’ right of return to their land “sacred right.”

Haniyeh noted, meanwhile, that Resistance has rockets that can reach Tel Aviv and beyond Tel Aviv.

“We came from Palestine to Ain Al-Hilwe to say that Palestine is for us,” he addressed a crowded meeting at the Palestinian refugee camp.

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