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Hatay residents are concerned about strangers who are told to be al Qeada militants

Turkey’s Hatay province residents are quite concerned about radical strangers wandering in the city centre Antakya. Some residents claim that there are lots of people looking like terrorists in the city centre. “They are walking in the streets with guns and nobody dares to ask them where they came and where they are going.

They eat at restaurants but not pay

Especially restaurant owners are very distressed about those who are even not paying when they eat at restaurants. Because they are armed restaurant owners can not even ask the radical extremist terrorists to pay the bills” one resident says.

News related to al Qaeda militants are inflitrating from Turkey have been taking place in many local and national newspapers.CIA and MOSSAD bases in the city centre of Hatay were revealed lastly.

Free Syrian army pledged for help of al Qaeda militants in Aleppo and US is known to deploy al Qaeda militants in Syria using Turkish borders.In the last few days some prominent Turkish leaders of Al-Qaeda such as Azad Ekinci and Osman Kahraman were killed in Aleppo clashes by Syrian ermy.These terrorist leaders were also charged for HSBC bombings in İstanbul. But the question on how they are freed and sent to Syria still in mind to be answered by US-Israel backed terrorism’s new base Turkey’s Erdogan and Davudoglu.

Ambulences transporting guns and missiles to terrorists

Antakya and Kilis residents are also furious about the failure of health services.One motorist from Kilis had an accident and due to lack of ambulences and medical aid, he has died. His relatives were told that the priority was for the terrorist coming from clashes with Syrian army and they had nothing to do.Also some sources in the region confirms that the ambulences are not aiming to give medical aid but to transport guns and logistics to terrorist in Syria.

“Hospitals are not in service of Turkish nationals. When we go to hospitals we are ignored and not treated properly” says one resident from Kilis.He adds that the excuse of the authorities is “The command given us is that, we have nothing to do.”

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