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Hazrat Fatimeh(pbuh) birth anniv. marked in Nigeria


Hundreds of members of the Islamic Movement of Nigeria have walked through major streets of Zaria in a procession to commemorate the birthday anniversary of Hazrat Fatimeh, the daughter of Islam’s Prophet Mohammad, peace be upon him.
Many sang in praise of Hazrat Fatimeh who is also the wife of the first Shia Imam, Imam Ali, and the mother of Imam Hassan and Imam Hussein, the second and third Shia imams respectively. A lecture was also delivered, which put stress on the importance of the family. A special funfair was also organized for children. Hazrat Fatimeh is an inspiring example for Muslims. In addition to be an exemplary woman in her family life, Hazrat Fatimah played an important role in defending her husband’s cause after the death of Prophet Mohammad(pbuh).

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