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Head Lines From Sayyed Nasrallah’s Tonight Speech

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Head Lines From Sayyed Nasrallah’s Tonight Speech:

-The spirits of the martyrs and their families as well as the mujahdin on the occasion of the victory in Qalamoun

– In contrast with what was circulated, Hezbollah sacrificed only 13 of his sublime mujahidin

– Qalamoun battle granted Hezbollah and the Syrian army a better military position against the terrorists who are now besieged in Arsal barrens

– Qalamoun battle resulted also in securing to a great extent the Lebanese and the Syrian towns in the area

– Qalamoun battle resulted in inflicting heavy losses upon the terrorist groups and in regaining over 300 square kilometers of Lebanese and Syrian territories

– Qalamoun battle is still ongoing

– In Qalamoun barrens where there are numerous mountains and hills, there was an encounter between the Syrian army, the popular committees and Hezbollah fighters on one hand and the terrorist groups on the other

-The Ummah will suffer from fragmentation and destruction as a result for the takfiri atrocities

– The takfiri groups will affect all the nations where they exist, including those that support them

– Now we are witnessing another Nakba (catastrophe) of the takfiri groups

– I call on mulling the various solutions for the presidential dilemma
– The Lebanese who defeated the Israeli enemy will also defeat the terrorist groups regardless of who support them

-If the state will not assume its responsibilities, the locals in Bekaa will defeat and expel the terrorist groups

– The residents in the Lebanese bordering towns in Bekaa have the right of eradicating the terrorist groups in the barrens

-Are those who kidnapped and killed the Lebanese army soldiers, assaulted the military posts and the residential areas in Bekaa, detonated the car bombs in different Lebanese areas and occupied swathes of the Lebanese territories in Arsal

– Certain Lebanese political forces have blatantly supported the terrorist groups in Qalamoun battle and described them as “rebels”
21:01 Sayyed Nasrallah: None can cause a rift between Hezbollah and the Lebanese Army which guarantees security and stability in Lebanon

-All the threats and condemnations cannot weaken Hezbollah will in case of seeking its aims

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