Heavy attacks exchanged between Syrian Army and terrorists in northwest Syria

The northwestern region of Syria has witnessed an increase in violence tonight after the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) and terrorists resumed their attacks against one another.

According to the latest report from northwestern Syria, the two parties have attacked one another at several fronts, including northern Idlib and western Aleppo, which have both witnessed the most violence in the month of February.

However, the heaviest attack has reportedly taken place in the northwestern countryside of Aleppo, as Turkish-backed militants and jihadist rebels repeatedly struck the predominately Shi’i towns of Al-Zahra’a and Nubl.

In northern Idlib, the Syrian Arab Army has responded by launched a large barrage of artillery and missiles towards the Al-Dana region, resulting in a number of powerful explosions.

This latest exchange of hostilities comes just an hour after the jihadist rebels attempted to bomb the Hmeimim Airbase in the southwestern countryside of the Latakia Governorate.Share this article:

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