Hezballah Leader Sheikh Qassem: Iran sacrifiecd itself for Palestinian resistance


The deputy secretary-general of Hezbollah has stated the Islamic Republic of Iran has sacrificed itself for Palestine and confronted many challenges because of its staunch position.

Speaking at a conference in Beirut entitled “United For Palestine: Israel is in Decline,” Sheikh Na’im Qassem, the deputy secretary-general of Hezbollah, stated that a large and important country like the Islamic Republic of Iran has sacrificed itself for Palestine and confronted many challenges because of its staunch position.

According to Rasa, the conference was established by the Lebanon’s Union of Scholars in Support of the Resistance. Emphasizing Iran’s unrelenting support to the Palestinian people, His Eminence said Iran is the only country which refuses to talk with the Zionist entity and the only country which has closed the Israeli embassy and turned it over to the Palestinians. Iran also established the International al-Quds Day movement, and supported the Palestinians’ positions on the world stage.

Sheikh Qassem stressed that the Islamic Resistance will never surrender even one inch of the land of Palestine “from the river to the sea,” to Israel.

He added that the resistance will liberate the whole of Palestine.

He said that some Arab rulers have offered foodstuffs, humanitarian aid and building materials to Palestine because they are embarrassed of the Palestinians’ situation because of religious and ethnic relations.

“However, they continue to support the existence of Israel and its occupation of Palestine. They also do not support the Islamic Resistance in its efforts to recover the land,” he said.

“Unlike other Muslim countries, Iran has supported the Islamic Resistance in Palestine and its vicinity – both vocally and practically – financially and militarily,” the scholar added.

Sheikh Qassem also stressed that the Palestinians’ are taking the right approach politically.

The Lebanese Cleric and politician emphasized the Zionist regimes’ attributes of “occupation and aggression,” and said with its persistence, perseverance and resistance, Hezbollah will be able to defeat Israel. “If this resistance did not exist, Israel could not be defeated,” he said.

Hezbollah’s deputy secretary-general referred to the sacrifices of the Palestinian people during their long war of resistance, saying that this has resulted in the decline of the Zionist regime. “We have a duty to defend the truth and reality and stand by the Palestinian resistance forces,” he stressed.

Sheikh Qassem also referred to the Takfiri-based terrorism affecting the region, saying “Takfiri terrorism aims to combat and fight against the [true] Islamic resistance.”

Referring to the Takfiri phenomenon and the Israel’s abetment of terrorism and conciliatory stance with the Zionist state, His Eminence explained: “We will fight Takfiri terrorists and we have taken this stance because they are barrier against our resistance in the battle against Israel.”

His Eminence added that the Takfiri threat has existed for years but they have now allied with the Zionists, who treats wounded terrorists in its hospitals, and explained: “We found that we are facing a major obstacle and we must fight them as they are an integral part of the fight against Israel, who created them.”

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