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Hezbollah blames US for Syria bombings

Lebanon’s resistance movement Hezbollah has blamed the US for the deadly bomb attacks targeting Syrian security sites in the capital, Damascus.

Condemning the car bomb explosions, which left over 55 people dead, Hezbollah accused Washington of orchestrating the Friday bombings in revenge for the failure of US policies in the Middle East region.

”These bombings which resulted in the death and injury of dozens of people, mainly women and children, are the specialty of the United States, the mother of terrorism,” read a statement released by Hezbollah’s press office.

The resistance group said those affected by the historic US defeat in Iraq are now taking revenge on nations and groups who helped Iraqis to end the occupation of their country.

“This horrific crime committed by enemies of humanity a day after coordinated crimes in Baghdad and other Iraqi cities, signifies that powers affected by the US defeat and withdrawal from Iraq have begun a process of bloody and coward revenge, targeting all forces and countries that have had a clear position of the US occupation and helped the heroic Iraqi resistance in its fight to take the American occupier out,” it said.

”US specializes in targeting the innocent, killing and terrorizing them to force them into bowing down to American politics which serve the Zionist interest which Americans put first and foremost,” the statement added.

Lebanese president Michel Sleiman has also condemned the terrorist attacks in Syria, saying that they aimed at hampering the Arab solution agreed-upon by Syria and the Arab League.

At least 55 people, mostly civilians, were killed after two car bombs went off outside Syrian security service facilities in the Kafr Sousa area on Friday.

The explosions targeted the main headquarters of the General Intelligence Agency and a branch of the military intelligence.

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