Hezbollah condemns Lebanon explosion

Lebanon’s resistance movement of Hezbollah has condemned an explosion in which a Lebanese civilian and five French UN peacekeepers were wounded.

Hezbollah’s press office released a statement following the incident, which took place on Friday morning, saying the attackers meant to undermine the security of the country, Lebanon’s Daily Star reported.

“Hezbollah condemns the attack … and considers it to be targeted at Lebanon’s security and the stability of the south specifically. [The movement] calls on Lebanese security services to work hard and put an end to these attacks,” the statement said.

On Friday, a roadside bomb blast in Lebanon’s southern port city of Tyre injured one Lebanese civilian and five French troops serving with the United Nations Interim Force in Lebanon (UNIFIL).

The explosion occurred as the French troops entered the eastern Bourj al-Shamali area of Tyre on their vehicle.

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