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Hezbollah Condemns US Sanctions against MP Gebran Bassil: Blatant Intervention in Lebanon’s Affairs

Hezbollah condemned on Friday the US Treasury’s decision to sanction against the head of the Free Patriotic Movement, MP Gebran Bassil, considering it a blatant and rude intervention in Lebanon’s internal affairs.

In a statement, Hezbollah said that the United States of America sponsors and provides by all means support as well as protection to terrorism, extremism, corruption, corrupts and the dictator countries all over the world, concluding that it does not have the right to preach on fighting corruption.

The statement  pointed out that the USA employs its local laws, including the anti-terrorism and anti-corruption Acts, to extend its dominance and influence over the world, adding it uses them against every free and honorable state, party, movement, or person that does not submit to its policies,  implement its instructions, and accept its schemes aimed at sowing sedition and fragmentation and creating internal and regional conflicts.

“This decision specifically aims at subjecting a large Lebanese political team to the American conditions and dictates on Lebanon.”

Finally, Hezbollah said it “voices patriotic, moral and human solidarity with the Free Patriotic Movement and its head in face of these unjust decisions and rejected fabrications”.

The US administration on Friday announced sanctions on Bassil in the context of its pressure on the Lebanese political parties which support the resistance.

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