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Hezbollah Denounces Horrible Crime in Barcelona


Hezbollah denounced on Friday the horrible crime carried out by Takfiri ISIL group in Spain’s Barcelona.

In a statement released by the party’s Media Relations office, Hezbollah said: “This new crime is another proof of the criminal trend which this terrorist organization have been propagating among its members.”

“This ideology is based on hatred,” the statement said, noting that the terrorist group is killing people and destroying their properties under pretexts that can be accepted neither by a reason nor by a religion.

Meanwhile, Hezbollah stressed that targeting peaceful civilians is a part of satanic scheme carried out by these criminals, and aimed at defaming principles of Jihad and Islam.

“As terrorist attacks are spreading worldwide; it becomes a duty to wipe out this organization and undermine its destructive ideas,” the statement said.

In this context, Hezbollah pointed out that the first step to defeat ISIL is to press international and regional powers over support they are offering to the terrorist group.

Earlier on Thursday, 13 were killed and over 50 others were injured when a van rammed into a crowd of pedestrians on Barcelona’s iconic Las Ramblas.

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