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Hezbollah Deploys Troops Even at Russia’s Hmeimim Military Base in Syria: Official

Amid the diverse political interpretations of the circumstances of Hezbollah delegation visit to Moscow last week, Head of the Party’s Foreign Relations Official Ammar Al-Moussawi stressed that the talks with the Russian officials were positive and constructive.

In an interview with Al-Manar TV Channel, Al-Moussawi refuted all the circulated reports about a negative Russian stance towards Hezbollah role in Syria, adding that the Party has deployed troops even at Russia’s Hmeimim Military Base in Latakia.

“This is not confidential,” he said.

Al-Moussawi highlighted the military feats achieved jointly by Hezbollah forces and the Russian troops in Syria, underscoring the strategic coordination between the two sides in this regard.

Hezbollah official added that a large number of the governments which blacklist the Party try to contact it secretly, stressing that Hezbollah is not regionally and internationally isolated at all.

In this regard, Al-Moussawi clarified that some Gulf countries as well as most of EU states, except Britain and Holland, contact Hezbollah secretly to evade the US pressures, noting that even the Party’s ties with Turkey were not disrupted at all.

Al-Moussawi also narrated that once a foreign official visiting Lebanon started his meeting with Hezbollah command before the government officials, adding that he justified his step by saying that the Party’s name was always present during his meetings in a certain Arab country.

“That’s why I wanted to get acquainted with Hezbollah,” Al-Moussawi quoted the foreign official as saying.

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