Hezbollah Deputy: “Freedom of Palestine is top priority for Islamic Resistance”


Deputy of Hezbollah stressed importance of maintaining resistance against the Zionist regime of Israel highlighting freedom of Palestine as the top priority for the Resistance Movement.

Sheikh Naeem Qassim, deputy of Hezbollah Secretary General, met with a law delegation from Jordan to underline the freedom of the Occupied lands as the priority for the resistance and said,” The future of Islamic Resistance is tied with constant victories.”, reported Taqrib News Agency (TNA).

He called the resistance strategy as the national, Arabic and Islamic solution and said,” Islamic Resistance of Palestine and Al Quds are the main bases for us and the resistance movement has no priority on top of its agenda but to liberate the occupied lands from the Zionist regime of Israel.”

Lebanese cleric highlighted the important achievements due to liberation of the occupied lands for the world of Islam and said, “Following the evacuation of Palestinians from their lands, Hezbollah is substituted as the opposing country with the Zionist regime of Israel and does not bear any reconciliation with the illegal regime since that would mean recognition of the Zionist regime.”

Sheikh Naeem called failure of the Zionist regime as an impending event and noted,” Resistance has turned into a reality whose future is tied with liberation of the occupied lands and constant victories.”

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