Hezbollah drone captures rare footage of Israeli command center: video

Hezbollah’s official media wing, Al-Manar, released a new video on Friday evening that showed one of the Lebanese organization’s drones capturing footage of an Israeli command center along the Upper Galilee region’s border.

In an episode on Al-Manar TV’s “Secrets of Second Liberation, the Hezbollah drones capture footage of the zionist Israeli regime forces’ command centers in Brannite and Ruwaysat Al-Alam, which are both in the Upper Galilee and occupied-Sheba’a Farms regions.

The drones managed to capture the footage of the command centers without disruption, despite the fact that the Israeli regime forces were reportedly carrying out drills along the Lebanese-occupied lands border.

While the drones likely captured the footage within Lebanese territory, Hezbollah’s video was meant to show their technological capabilities, while also highlighting holes in occupied-lands’ border security.

Earlier this week, zionist regime increased its aerial presence over Lebanon, as their drones and warplanes flew as far north as Jbeil (Byblos) and as far east as the Syrian border, with locals reporting low altitude flights taking place for a short period of time

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