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Hezbollah embarrassed IDF’s defense along Lebanese border: zionist newspaper admits

The online publication, Walla News, reported on Sunday morning, that the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) were surprised last Friday night when they found the border fence with Lebanon cut in three different locations.

According to the publication, Hezbollah was behind the cutting of the border fence, which, in itself, would be a difficult thing to do, given the Israeli security in this area.

The newspaper claimed that Hezbollah fighters succeeded in ’embarrassing’ the defenses of the northern region’s command in the IDF, after they had penetrated three different points on the Lebanese-Israeli border, and had withdrawn into Lebanese territory without casualties.

The Walla report claims the operation confirms the gravity of the Israeli military security situation, especially as it is an area in which several battalions in the IDF alternate responsibility in it, and that the army’s response was so weak and too late, that it allowed the Hezbollah fighters to return safely.

The website reported that with this incident on the Lebanese-Israeli border, this matter requires a precise military stance in the northern region.

They would add that Hezbollah wanted to deliver an important military message to Israel, stating that it could easily penetrate the borders and enter the Israeli depth.

In the same context, Hezbollah’s Central War Media denied carrying out any operation on the Lebanese-Israeli border strip, stressing that everything that is circulated through some social media platforms and attributed to it in southern Lebanon is false.

Source: AMN

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