Hezbollah Fighters Kill Over 50 Terrorists North of Syria


The Lebanese and Iraqi Hezbollah fighters, in a joint operation on Wednesday, stormed the militant groups’ defense lines North of Aleppo province, and killed 55 terrorists.

The Hezbollah fighters attacked the militant groups’ positions near the small town of Ratyan in the Southern part of the newly-liberated village of Hardatnin, surrounded the terrorists, killed 55 of them and wounded many more.

At least seven military vehicles of the terrorists were also destroyed in the attack.

The Hezbollah forces returned to their bases in Bashkoy without any major casualty.

The missile units of Hezbollah are currently shelling the terrorists’ centers inside and outside Ratyan which is under the complete siege of the Syrian army and its popular allies.

Earlier reports said that the Syrian army and their popular allies have reached to the gates of Ma’arasta al-Khan, a small town in the Northwestern part of the newly-liberated Hardatnin and on the main road to al-Zahra and Nubl.

“The Syrian army troops, the NDF, Kata’eb Hezbollah (Iraqi paramilitary) and Harakat al-Nujaba (Iraqi paramilitary) have continued to advance against the militant groups and have now deployed forces at the entrances of Ma’arasta al-Khan following hours of tough battle,” the army said.

“The pro-government forces, meantime, pushed back the militants from the road connecting Ma’arasta al-Khan and Mayer and restored security to the road that is also the a chunk of the main road to al-Zahra and Nubl,” the army said, adding, “The road was one of the supplying lines of the terrorist groups in the region.”

“Very tough battle in underway in the outskirts of Ma’arasta al-Kahn, and the militant groups have suffered a heavy death toll in the Syrian army’s missile shelling and their military hardware meantime has sustained major damage in the attacks,” the army went on to say.

Reliable sources inside the town of Nubl said minutes ago that the town’s popular forces have stormed the militant groups’ defense lines and in a coordinated joint offensive with the NDF have cut off the terrorists’ communication road from Nubl to al-Zahar.

The sources said that the militant groups are trapped between the massive waves of the government forces.

“The Syrian army and the NDF, that had stated to raid the militant groups from the Western side of Hardatnin and had advanced significantly against the militants near Ma’arasta al-Kahn, are now in a united front with the popular forces of Nubl and al-Zahra and are engaged in tough battles near the entrances of Ma’arasta al-Khan,” the army said.

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