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Hezbollah Hails Heroic Shooting in Tel Aviv: No Safe Haven for Zionists in Palestine

Hezbollah hailed on Wednesday Palestinian people and their hero fighters who “dealt a blow to the Zionist enemy and humiliated it.”

In a statement, Hezbollah’s Media Relations Office said the “heroic operation in Tel Aviv proved that there is no safe haven for Zionist occupiers in Palestine.”

The rise of Resistance operations as well as the Palestinian fighters’ success to develop ways of confrontation prove that Palestinian people are determined to defend their land and liberate it, Hezbollah said in the statement, citing three shootings which took place in the occupied territories during a week.

“All meetings of betrayal and summits of normalization won’t guarantee the security of the enemy and won’t break the Palestinian people’s determination to go ahead with Resistance path until the termination of the racist entity.”

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