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Hezbollah Lawyers Assembly: Martyrdom of Hussein Shalhoub & Sanaa Jundi “Full-Fledged Crime”

Hezbollah Lawyers Assembly condemned on Tuesday in a statement the horrific crime which claimed the two martyrs Hussein Shalhoub & Sanaa Jundi, considering that it is an extension of the continuous assaults on the citizens’ freedom of movement in general and on Beirut-South highway in particular and stressing that this threatens the civil peace and national security.

The Assembly considered that the martyrdom of Hussein Shalhoub & Sanaa Jundi is a full-fledged crime and that its criminal tools are evident in the facts, videos and the testimony of Shalhoub’s daughter, Nour.

“This crime requires prosecuting the instigators, actors and interlocutors … in order to reach the full truth and penalize the perpetrators.”

The assembly pointed out that the Constitution, international laws and covenants guarantee the citizens’ freedom of movement as well as the right to demonstrate.

The assembly finally highlighted its readiness to take the case of the Jiyyeh crime as an agent for the two martyrs’ families to pursue the legal procedure and prosecution in order to reach the full truth, penalize the perpetrators, and protect the citizens from the bandits.

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