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Hezbollah: Loyalty to Martyr Rashid Karami’s Blood Requires Preserving His National Path and Political Legacy

Hezbollah issued Wednesday a statement on the 35th anniversary of the martyrdom of the former Lebanese prime minister Rashid Karami, indicating that Lebanon is becoming more in need of the national leader and his role in preserving unity and coexistence and confronting the internal sedition schemes and foreign conspiracies.

The late premier contributed remarkably to the state management and hindered the schemes of partition and federalism, according to the statement.

Hezbollah called on all the Lebanese to follow the late premier’s path and resort to his stances while tackling the the critical issues, stressing that loyalty to the martyr’s blood requires preserving his national path as well as political legacy, frustrating the suspicious schemes that endanger Lebanon, and firmly punishing the criminals involved in the denounced crime of killing martyr Rashid Karami.

On June 1, 1987, the Lebanese Forces militia assassinated the prime minister, and the judiciary sentenced its leader Samir Geagea to life in prison.

Head of Al-Karama Movement, Faisal Karami, stressed that the amnesty law according to which Geagea was released cannot acquit the criminal, adding that Tripoli will never host traitors.

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