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Hezbollah not distracted from major enemy, israel: Commentator


Press TV has conducted an interview with Ibrahim Moussawi, political commentator from Beirut, about Lebanon’s resistance movement Hezbollah saying its ongoing battle against the foreign-backed Takfiri militants operating inside Syria will not affect the group’s “readiness to confront” the Israeli regime.

What follows is an approximate transcription of the interview.

Press TV: We were speaking earlier on with our correspondent in Beirut and he was telling us that this statement considering the timing is important because Hezbollah has been showing it is not just defensive but offensive power in Syria and this has caused concern in Israel. Do you agree with that analysis?

Mousawi: Well absolutely. I mean we have to take into consideration that this kind of speech is being reiterated and is being said again at this time because in Lebanon we are celebrating nowadays the commemoration of the liberation of south Lebanon … from the Israeli occupation that continued for so many years.

The 25th of May 2000 has ushered in a new era in Lebanon where the steadfastness and the success and the victory of the resistance has been proved by the blood of the martyrs and when we talk about Israel we talk about the cause of all evils in the region, something that Imam Khomeini has said long time ago. He has put the slogan; he has put the direction for all the people in order to liberate themselves in order to know their real enemies.

When you talk about Hezbollah, Hezbollah is very ready for any offensive by the Israelis for any attack and even for any kind of violation that Hezbollah knows about and this has been proved by some of the operations that the resistance did.

What Sheikh Naim Qassem said is simply telling the Israelis, telling the enemies, telling the friends, telling everybody that Hezbollah even if it is engaged in Syria it is not going to be distracted from the major enemy, from the major and number one battle front which is in the Israeli side.

Press TV: And you know the conflict in Syria may have forced some to conclude that it is going to affect the Shia resistance, so you know the resistance itself against Israel looking at the situation for instance in Iraq and also in Syria in the Middle East region.

Do you think that Hezbollah however is trying to say then that it is in a strong position, even stronger that it was before this?

Mousawi: Absolutely. This is something that the enemies and the friends know. People in Lebanon, people in the region, all those who follow the capacities and the developments of Hezbollah will know very well, they know very well that you are talking about a gradual accumulation of capacities, of skills and of very important expertise in the battlefield especially in Syria. While you know there is a kind of coordination between some of the Takfiri groups and the Israelis especially in the Golan Heights.

So now you are talking about a new opposite, you are talking about a new era where Hezbollah is crystalizing more of its expertise in many different fronts. They are experiencing new kind of battles and this is going to add more and more strength, expertise and skills to the resistance and this is going to give more morale and skill to the resistance as well.

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