Hezbollah official Sheikh Mohammed Yazbek warns against intrigues

n00143017-bHead of Sharia board in Lebanon’s Hezbollah warned against hostile intrigues by enemies stressing that confrontation with the issue is the solution for a healthy life.
Head of Hezbollah Sharia Board Sheikh Mohammed Yazbek, met with a group of top figures and political activists stressing necessity of avoiding religious and political intrigues, reported Taqrib News Agency (TNA).

He referred to the important stance of Balbak city in preventing religious prejudices and noted,” Hezbollah views this city as a society free from sectarian and religious tensions.”

Lebanese cleric highlighted the need for formation of a government and noted,” The government that is going to be formed should be capable of fulfilling the demands of the people.”

He added,” The new government should be able to carry out all its missions properly and try to maintain security, stability and the grounds for a descent life as well as the independence of the people.”

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