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Hezbollah praises Iraq victory on US army

Celebrating the victory of the Iraqi people’s resistance against American occupation, and forcing US troops to withdraw humiliated from the Iraqi land, Hezbollah issued the following statement:

Once again, the history records the defeat of a great tyrant world power in front of the will of resisting people who refuse the occupation, fight it, sacrifice their dears and wealth in order to liberate their land and preserve their dignity, independence as well as sovereignty.

After the victory of Lebanese and Palestinian peoples, in July 2006 and December 2008 against the regional “israeli” superpower, promoted by many as invincible, here are the Iraqi people succeeding with their courageous resistance, steadfastness, will and patience to conquer the greatest international power, the United States.

The Iraqis forced this power to end its occupation and withdraw its troops from Iraqi territory.

As Hezbollah hails this historic great victory achieved by the patient immolated Iraqi people, it views that this victory achieved by thousands of martyrs and wounded sacrifices resembles a pioneering model for all oppressed people along the world in facing arrogant powers.

Depending on Al-Mighty God as well as on their noble brave resistance and effective forces that reject injustice and aggression, the Iraqi people achieved in eight years a victory that our nation will remain proud of for generations: They shattered US pride which wanted through its occupation of Iraq to make the nation enters in an era of humiliation and crunch.

As Hezbollah expresses its pride with this brilliant victory, it hopes that Iraq, the people and State, carries out its leading role it deserves in our Arab and Islamic world.

Hezbulloh calls the Iraqi people to unite and be careful to the conspiracies of US administration and its desperate attempts to sow division, fragmentation, and discord.

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