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Hezbollah: Resistance Movements Will Respond to Treacherous Regimes’ Normalization Agreements with ‘israel’

Hezbollah condemned the Bahraini regime’s recognition of the Zionist occupation entity and approval of normalization of ties with it, stressing that this move comes in the context of the treacherous regimes’ transition from the secret relations with the enemy to the public ones.

In a statement issued Saturday, Hezbollah asserted that all the arguments cited by these authoritarian rulers could not justify this great betrayal and painful stab to the Palestinian people and the just causes of the nation.

The response to the these treacherous steps taken by UAE and Bahrain will be made by the free Arab and Muslim peoples, especially the Palestinian people and resistance factions as well as the rest of the resistance movement in the region.

“Those adhere to the right of the Palestinian people to liberate their entire land and reject all the forms of normalization and cooperation with this usurping entity. Thus, they will certainly emerge victorious, God willing.”

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