Hezbollah: Resistance Will Choose Appropriate Retaliation for Israeli Strike


Hezbollah said on Wednesday that Israeli drones stroke on Monday February 24 night a position for the party at the Lebanese-Syrian border, near Bekaaist area of Janta.

In a statement released by Hezbollah Media Relations, the party said that the Israeli strike didn’t kill or injure any of the resistance Mujahedeen (Fighters), noting that it only caused material damage.Hezbollah flag

In this context, Hezbollah stressed that reports over targeting artillery or rocket sites, or even that there were martyrs in the strike… all these reports have no bases at all.

“This new assault is a flagrant aggression against Lebanon, its sovereignty and territories, not against the resistance only.”

“The attack confirms the nature of the Zionist hostility and requires frank and clear position from all,” Hezbollah said referring to all Lebanese sides.

Meanwhile, the resistance stressed in its statement that the Israeli attack will be met by appropriate retaliation.
“The resistance will choose the appropriate time, place and way to retaliate.”

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