Hezbollah: To Direct All Capacities toward Protecting Al-Aqsa Mosque, Sanctities

Israeli forces attack al-Aqsa mosque, abduct 2

Hezbollah asserted that the exacerbation of the Zionist aggressions within Al-Aqsa mosque means that the Zionists move without fear or shame, destroying its gates and injuring dozens of the Palestinian worshippers who are preserving it from the criminality of the Israeli occupiers.

The party considered, in a statement, the Zionists feel comfortable for the Arab silence as well as the international complicity and work on implementing their plans which aim at destroying Al-Aqsa mosque and replacing it with their alleged temple.

Condemning the escalating Israeli aggressions, Hezbollah called on directing all the capacities to protect Al-Aqsa mosque and the Islamic and Christian sanctities.

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