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Hezbollah to stand by Iran to confront US: Deputy Sec. Gen.

Hezbollah Deputy Secretary-General said that Lebanese Hezbollah Resistance Movement will stand by the Islamic Republic of Iran to confront the United States.

Speaking in an Arab-Islamic conference entitled “Alliance against Normalization of Ties with the Zionist Regime” on Sat., Sheikh Naim Qassem emphasized that Lebanon’s Hezbollah will stand by Iran in thwarting US plots orchestrated for the region.

“We in Hezbollah are patriotic Lebanese people who defend our land and our nation to the end and within the framework of the three equations of army, nation and resistance,” he stressed.

“We are Muslims and therefore, alongside the Islamic Republic in Iran and Islamic countries, we confront the US project,” Sheikh Naim Qassem emphasized.

“We are Arabs and therefore we stand by Palestine and we support Palestine and its people in any way,” the Hezbollah Deputy Secretary General added.

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