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Hezbollah’s Hunter of Israeli Yas’ur Helicopter: Next War Will Be Fatal

On the anniversary of the downing of an Israeli heavy transport helicopter, Yas’ur, during the 2006 July war, Al-Ahed News unveiled a never-before-seen interview with Hezbollah fighter who hunted the Israeli aircraft.

In the interview, the Yas’ur hunter details the operation and reveals the weapon used to shoot down the helicopter, vowing that the Israeli Air Force will be dealt a heavy blow during the next confrontation with the Islamic Resistance in Lebanon.

Below is an excerpt of the interview conducted by Al-Ahed News, as well as details on the operation which took place in the last days of 33-day war.https://english.almanar.com.lb/ajax/video_check.php?id=106614


  •     Place: South Lebanon – Yatar / Maryamin
  •     Date: August 11, 2006
  •     Objective: To shoot down a Yas’ur helicopter taking part in a hostile landing operation in Wadi Maryamin

 Objectives of Israeli Air Force during 2006 July War:

  •     Hit the bank of targets
  •     Destruction of the Resistance’s capabilities
  •     Dismemberment
  •     Committing the largest number of massacres against civilians

Yas’ur Features:

  •     A US-made transport helicopter
  •     Code is CH-53 Sikorsky
  •     The “Israeli” army named it Yas’ur. It also calls it the “divine machine” that is “untouchable”.
  •     27 meters long and 9 meters wide (there is another type with a width of 7 meters)
  •     It can carry up to 35 soldiers with all their equipment and 35 soldiers with machinery
  •     Its propeller is 16 meters wide
  •     It is a heavy-lift transport and strategic aircraft used by the “Israeli” army, along with the Black Hawk aircraft, which can carry only 13 soldiers.
  •     Prior to its downing, the Yas’ur’s task was to transfer the leadership team that would manage the axis of hostile progress.
  •     During its downing, it was carrying five “Israelis”: the pilot, co-pilot, a technical officer [who worked in electronic warfare], and two other officers. All on board were killed.

Source: Al-Ahed News

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