Hezbollah’s precision missiles can ‘paralyze strategic systems of Israel’: commentator

A commentator on Israeli military affairs, Alon Ben David, wrote in the Maariv newspaper this week that “Hezbollah has succeeded till this day in accumulating accurate missiles of medium and long ranges,” adding that “it will respond with fire to any Israeli attack on Lebanese territory.”

Ben David considered that the fundamental threat to Israel is not present in Syria, but rather in Lebanon, and even now Israel is avoiding this reality.

Ben-David said that Israel’s repeated attack on Syria” have not inhibited Hezbollah’s endeavor to manufacture and install precision missiles on Lebanese soil.”

He explained, “The estimate in Israel is that Hezbollah has succeeded to date in accumulating several hundred accurate missiles of medium and long ranges, and that there are now several installations in Lebanon that contain precision missile components.”

The Israeli military affairs commentator highlighted in his article that “since 2012, the deterrence equation has been established, according to which Hezbollah will respond with fire to any Israeli attack on Lebanese territory,” stressing that “the Israeli army considered the threat of precision missiles from Lebanon as a strategic threat to Israel.”

Ben-David added: “The ability of precision missiles can paralyze strategic systems of Israel, and Hezbollah can, with precision missiles, hit the Hakaria base in Tel Aviv, where the Ministry of Security and the General Staff are located.”

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