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High Turnout in Election to Reduce Foreign Threats: Iran Army Chief

Commander of the Iranian Army Major General Abdolrahim Mousavi described a high turnout in the upcoming presidential election as a guarantee of success against the enemies and a factor that reduces the foreign threats.

In comments at a videoconference attended by senior Army commanders, Major General Mousavi said the high turnout in the election will boost the Islamic Republic’s security and elevate its might and position.

“Vibrant elections is like a robust shield that secures the country against the enemy’s plots and provides an opportunity to strengthen the establishment’s soft power and improve the country’s standing in the region,” the general noted.

He also emphasized that a high turnout in the election will reduce the foreign threats, contribute to the reduction and removal of sanctions, and pave the way for the economic exchanges and foreign investment.

In remarks on May 27, Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyed Ali Khamenei described the upcoming elections as a source of dignity and honor for the country.

“I seriously hope that with the determination of the people of Iran, these elections will become a source of credit for Iran despite the wishes of the enemy. Our enemies are using all resources at their disposal. This is being done by both our enemies and those inside the country who knowingly or unknowingly repeat what they say. They are trying to make the elections a source of disgrace for the nation. I hope that the people show determination and that Allah the Exalted bestows His blessings so that the upcoming elections will be a source of honor and dignity for the country, God willing,” the Leader stated.

Slated for June 18, the 13th presidential election in Iran will be held simultaneously with council and midterm parliamentary and Assembly of Experts elections.

More than 59,310,000 Iranians are eligible to vote this year.

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