Hizbullah Syndicates and Labor Unit Greets Workers on Labor Day

Hizbullah’s Central Syndicates and Labor unit confirmed its support for the workers to stress on their right to a generous life.

Hizbullah called for “meeting the workers’ demands and lifting injustice on their behalf”, and further demanded the government to “immediately discuss all economic and social files that workers suffer from, giving the priority to tackle it, even if that means holding special government sessions in order to restore the state’s natural role in tackling people’s affairs, and restoring the circle of life to its normal motion.”

In a statement issued on the occasion of Labor Day, Hizbullah’s Syndicates and Labor unit indicated that “It is not right to respond with our standstill to the hindering attempts of the discord voices and demolition tools. Every achievement on this path is that of the whole country; it is the hope of every citizen living the economic crises and affected by its heat.”
Hizbullah greeted “the workers of Lebanon, the Arab and Islamic world, and those of the vulnerable nations.”

Addressing Lebanon’s workers, the statement added, “Honorable workers of Lebanon, greetings to you as you make each day a new history, like your proud sleeves. Greetings to you as you are protecting the country’s economic structure and preventing its collapse. What’s more generous of you is that you are aware of what is going on around you, and you won’t be fooled away from your [hoped] Lebanon: Lebanon of national unity and difficulties’ defiance, and Lebanon of the proud resistance.”

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