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Holy Qur’an Burned at Jone’s Church.. Hezbollah Condemns

In a suspicious and dangerous move believed to be a serious crime against all religions, the Florida preacher who threatened to burn the Qur’an on the anniversary of 9/11 torched a copy of the holy book this weekend despite vowing not to.

The burning was carried out by pastor Wayne Sapp under the supervision of Terry Jones, who last September drew sweeping condemnation over his plan to ignite a pile of Qur’an books on the anniversary of September 11, 2001 attacks.

Seeking to “justify” his insulting move, Jones claimed Sunday’s event was presented as a trial of the book in which the Qur’an was found “guilty” and “executed.”

The jury deliberated for about eight minutes. The holy book, which had been soaking for an hour in kerosene, was put in a metal tray in the center of the church, and Sapp started the fire with a barbecue lighter.

The event was open to the public, but fewer than 30 people attended.

While the international community remained silent toward the unprecedented crime, Hezbollah condemned in a statement the move and said it was a call for sedition and religious conflicts.

“The crime of burning the holy Qur’an by Pastor Terry Jones in the United States comes as part of a campaign which is taking various forms, expressions, people and times to reflect a sort of enmity towards religion,” Hezbollah statement said.

The Resistance party vehemently condemned the heinous crime and said it believes it’s a call for sedition and religious conflicts, and an attempt to hide the real conflicts taking place between the arrogant and vulnerable people.

Hezbollah held the American administration responsible of the crime, noting that it serves its hegemony projects in increasing divisions, “at the time Muslims and Christians are called for cooperation and integration.”

Hezbollah concluded its statement by urging all religious institutions to be aware of such heinous acts which serve the sedition schemes in the world. It called on churches to take the appropriate stance to prevent the achievement of the malignant objectives of the great conspiracy.

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