Homs: Over 900 Terrorists, Family Members Leave Al-Wa’er


Over 900 gunmen and their family members left al-Wa’er district in Homs for the militant-held regions in the Northwestern province of Idlib.

In the new phase of the evacuation deal in al-Wa’er which is supervised by the Syrian Red Crescent and the Russian security and police authorities, a sum of 917 people, including 121 militants who had not accepted the peace plan, left the district for Idlib on 23 buses.

The last phase of the evacuation plan in al-Wa’er district will be implemented mid May.

A new batch of gunmen along with some of their family members who had previously turned down the government’s offer for a reconciliation agreement started leaving al-Wa’er neighborhood in Homs province for Jarablus in the Northeastern countryside of Aleppo on Friday.

The reconciliation agreement of al-Wa’er neighborhood aims at clearing the neighborhood from arms and gunmen and paving the way for the return of governmental institutions to it.

According to a report, as part of the of the reconciliation agreement reached last March in al-Wa’er neighborhood, the eighth batch of gunmen and some of their family members started leaving the neighborhood under the supervision of the Syrian Arab Red Crescent, the Internal Security Forces and the Russian Military Police.

Homs Governor General Talal al-Barazi said in a statement the phases of the reconciliation agreement are going ahead without any obstacle, expecting that nearly 400 gunmen, along with some of their family members head for Jarablus at this phase.

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