‘Human civilization loser in any confrontation with sanctities’


Iran’s Hassan Rouhani has said west should know the loser of any confrontation with religious sanctities would be human civilization.
In the cabinet meeting of Wednesday, Hassan Rouhani condemned the ‘spread of hatred in the name of freedom in the west.’

“If spread of hatred becomes a reality in the name of freedom, then spread of violence in the name of religion would not be controlled,” Rouhani added.

He also condemned attacks on mosques and Muslim minorities in some western countries, and called all Muslims not to allow bloodshed of the innocent people in their name; “our duty as Muslims is peaceful protest to show others that Muslims would not abandon their religious identity; neither would they allow others to abuse their sentiments,” he told the cabinet meeting.

Rouhani lamented the fact that in recent days, “the old past wounds of ignorance, prejudice, and violence has now been opened; the loaders of rifles of prejudice have always been feed by bullets of insult; some sow the seeds of hatred in the name of freedom, and others harvest hatred by sickles of murder.”

Rouhani believed that active and effective Muslims undeniably contributed to social life in western countries; “a great achievement of promoting multiculturalism in the west during past decades was tolerance of Muslim minority communities, which however, the dust of new waves of Islamophobia and xenophobia threaten again this achievement,” he added.

Rouhani criticized what he believed was ‘attempts by some to incite malign sentiments’ at home; “they are inadvertently in harmony with the enemy in today’s critical times of the country, speaking of government failure in economy and in attempts to attract investments,” he asserted.

“In spite of the false stories and willfully or maliciously disturbing the public quietude, the government, relying on public support, has had considerable amount of success in managing a rapid growth rate and economic development, and the sheer number of investors welcoming the country to invest belie their baseless claims and propaganda,” president said.

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