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Human Rights Watch: All what we can do for the Rohingya Muslims is to pray

Human Rights Watch said on Monday that authorities in Myanmar and Arakan are responsible for the killing and denying of aids to Rohingya Muslims in Myanmar. A report made out of 153 pages described the atrocities committed by the government and some officials especially that the report mentioned that Security forced have never been there at any of the attacks carried out by the Burmese citizens against the Muslim villages, and that the government is undertaking many campaigns of ethnic cleansing against the Rohingya Muslims including the denial of aid and restrictions on movement.

The report continued that 125,000 of the Rohingya Muslims were forcibly displaced and that 70,000 of them were killed and thrown in mass graves with 28 children among them who were hacked to death.

Human Rights Watch has finalized its report saying :”All what we can do for them is to pray.”

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